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Writing & Marketing

Brian Crain
Brian Crain
1 min read

One of my weak areas as a CEO at Chorus One has been that I have been too inward focused. I have focused on strategy, hiring, how the organization should be run, culture and values. But what I have done far too little of is to tell the world about Chorus One.

Partially, this was due to us not having 'figured out' the long term vision with enough clarity. But that is a flawed reason. A vision is always something that evolves and has to be recreated and reexamined continuously.

A bigger reason is that communicating is a question of habit. This writing challenge has made me get into a better rhythm of expressing ideas quickly. The more I do it, the less the expectation for any single thing. The easier creating becomes and with time, quality will improve too.

I'm excited to see what communicating more frequently will do to building a Chorus One community.