Thank you for finding your way here.

I find writing blog posts rewarding and interesting. It can be creative and fun. It develops my ability to think clearly. It results in posts that when I read them again, sometimes I really like them. So I publish those here.

I'm not restricting myself to particular areas or topics. I mostly try to express something interesting. And do it in a way that is simple and clear. That's the internal bar I am aiming for.

Some of the things I've written about / am interested in include meditation / buddhism, my own mind, change, building / running  companies, tennis / the body, productivity, learning.

I don't have a comment section, but feel free to respond on twitter autoposted to my account there. Or message me directly. It's really nice to hear others thoughts.

I live in Portugal, with my wonderful wife Ela and our little dog.

In terms of work, my main focus is Chorus One, a company I started in 2018 with my co-founder Meher Roy. Chorus One helps people and institutions stake cryptoassets and participate in Proof-of-Stake networks. It has become a pretty successful company with a great team. Helping secure and operate dozens of crypto protocols and enabling tens of thousands of people to stake billions.

I have also co-founded and co-host the podcast Epicenter in 2013. I co-host it with some great hosts like Sebastien Couture, Meher Roy, Sunny Aggarwal, Friederike Ernst. It's now the longest running blockchain podcast. We've done almost 400 episodes and millions of downloads.

Finally, I'm involved in the Cosmos ecosystem. I was originally COO of Tendermint and helped organize the Cosmos fundraiser and growing the initial team. And today, I'm on the foundation council of the Interchain Foundation, which funds a lot of the development in the Cosmos ecosystem. With Chorus One we are also deeply involved in the Cosmos ecosystem and running validators on all the major Cosmos chains.