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Writing as Liberation

I'm enjoying writing at the moment. It is scary for me to do this. It makes me feel exposed. But when I do it anyway and publish a post, it is liberation. It is especially the act of publishing that is liberation. Sometimes I try to write something

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Writing Style

When I write blog posts, I like to write as follows: 1. Short and simple. I write posts that are as short as possible and keep language simple. 2. Personal. I try to write in a personal way. For instance, I might start out wanting to give some generic advice.

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I find it very fascinating how vulnerable writing blog posts makes me feel. I imagine that I'm putting something personal out there into this vast space. Out there for eternity for everyone to see and consume and do whatever with. But then I have also found a feeling

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How I Interview

I consider interviewing among the most important things that I do at Chorus One. If I make sure that we hire fantastic people, it seems likely that the company will do well. There are two other critical things. One is to make sure that we have a culture, where people

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The State of Urbit

In 2022, I wrote a few posts about Urbit (1, 2 and 3). I had been interested in Urbit since 2017, but in 2021 I really started to dive in and became fascinated with the opportunities I saw. In the summer of 2022, I decided that I wanted to build

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On Cosmos Hub and ICF

A proposal [] by Hypha and Informal is up for vote on the Cosmos Hub. They want the community pool to fully fund their work. This is work specifically focused on improving the Cosmos Hub. Until now, these teams have been funded by the

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Red Horizon

Recently, we officially launched Red Horizon []. Red Horizon is a project / team at Chorus One that is focused on providing hosting for Urbit ships. I've written about Urbit a bunch of times before. In January 2022, I wrote a post [] about