Writing and the Creative Process

Writing and the Creative Process

So I've been trying to write a blog post for the last 30 minutes. I'm sure I had five ideas that would have made for fine posts. I'd start writing, but then cut myself off. Not good enough. Maybe I should write something else.

It's a bit like one part of me wants to express something and another part keeps cutting off. You can't express anything like that. I'd characterize that state as one of tension. Trying hard. Wanting to force it.

But it isn't just about writing. This struggle is often part of trying to create anything. At least for me.

The challenge is to find a place of ease and lightness. For that critical voice to be able to hang back. And then it can creation can be easy and playful.

But to write and put something out consistently, the way of pressure doesn't work. And that's why writing blog posts is such a valuable practice for me. It allows me to practice a more fluid and easy way of creating.


Brian Crain

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