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Towards Reality

Brian Crain
Brian Crain
1 min read

I do not see things clearly.

The world is complex, but my mind is limited in what it can handle. Information comes in through the senses, but only an infinitely small subset of what is happening. Then I apply generalizations, try to discern patterns, make sense somehow. What is going on? Perspectives, beliefs, conclusions, biases all shape together my picture of reality. I get some picture.

It is not reality. It is my representation of it. Sometimes aspects can be delusional. I can try to find them and go towards a more accurate view.

I can also try to understand the causes and effects in my personal approach to constructing reality. I can change beliefs, biases, habits, environment. And that creates new ways of constructing reality and it changes my behavior, which affect an ever-changing world.

I try not to get attached to any part of it too much. Because I believe that can make us get stuck. Better to be fluid.