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Learning to Crawl

Brian Crain
Brian Crain
1 min read

When it comes to writing, it feels like I'm learning to crawl. Not that I remember what that was like, but I mean I don't have a feeling of competence. It feels like a struggle. I lack a process or mental framework to refer to.

That's different from tennis, for instance. In tennis, I have a decent competence and, for me, it's much easier to identify what to focus on. And, of course, there is immediate feedback. With every stroke, you see how it went and what adjustments you need to make.

With writing I don't know.

On the one hand, I'm looking forward to becoming more competent at writing. I look forward to working with someone better, who can give detailed feedback. I look forward to focus on different aspects like structure, grammar, titles, etc. I look forward to developing a deeper understanding.

At the same time, if I did this today, it would be a mistake. I'd get lost in details. I've read enough that I can learn how to walk. It is more about removing than adding. To rely on intuition and find a sense of fluid creation, before trying to understand or make things better.