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Cosmos Launch

Brian Crain
Brian Crain
1 min read

Cosmos is finally gearing up for launch. If I recall correctly, the original prediction during the Cosmos fundraiser was a launch in Q3 2017. So there has been a big delay.

But I'm very bullish at this point. Tendermint has become very robust. A vibrant, diverse and highly competent validator community has emerged. Many teams are choosing to build new blockchains using Tendermint or the Cosmos-SDK. All these are promising signs that the vision for Cosmos to become the internet of blockchains might indeed be possible.

I expect that I'll be writing a lot more here about Cosmos in the coming months. And we'll be publishing in-depth content about Cosmos at Chorus One. If you want to prepare for the Cosmos launch, check out this new blog post outlining the process. And if you want to stake your atoms, we've been working for over a year on making sure that Chorus One will be a a great validator to do that with.