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Focus and Persistence

Brian Crain
Brian Crain
1 min read

It's tempting to chase novelty. To play with new ideas and dream up fancy schemes. But when I look at crypto, it's clear to me that what wins is more often a clear vision, focus and persistent execution over many years.

The project that epitomizes that best is Bitcoin. There may have been crypto bubbles and crashes, but Bitcoin's development was not affected. The main contributors have been at it for many years. And you know that almost no matter what, Bitcoin will still be here a decade from now.

The Lightning Network is also something that falls into this bucket. We just did a podcast with Christian Decker about where the Lightning Network is currently at. The vision from the whitepaper four years ago hasn't really changed. But hard work and persistence from several teams have meant steady progress.

I also see Cosmos as falling into this bucket. Tendermint has now been in development for almost five years. There are many projects that have embraced much more elaborate designs like Dfinity, Polkadot or Ethereum. Tendermint is comparatively simple, but steady work has produced something solid. And this is now paying off with a project like Binance building its decentralized exchange on it.