A Picture A Day – 365 Project

January 4, 2013

With the new year, I started a new project that I’m calling 365. The premise is simple:

Every day I will take a picture and upload to the 365 website

I will use my IPhone’s camera to take the picture and used Tumblr to set up a separate blog that is on a subdomain of bfc.do: http://365.bfc.do.

That’s the entire premise of the project. I won’t restrict myself in any way as to what pictures I take and I don’t have a specific goal in mind with this project. But I am extremely excited about it and curious as to where it will take me.

As this is already January 4, you can find the first four pictures on 365.bfc.do already!

Today’s picture was this:


There is also a new link to 365 in the navigation menu at the top of the page.


As of July 22, I obviously have not been keeping up with my project at all:) Instead of just letting it trail at this point, I’ve decided to start tracking how many pictures I take using Beeminder. I’m going to let go of a specific goal at this point and for now, but hopefully just tracking will help me to be more consistent with this.

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